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About Gmail & How to Sign in to Gmail Account using Mobile Phone?

The Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks through IP addresses. The world has changed with the invention of the Internet. Email works on networks mostly on the Internet. 

Email is the methodology of sending and receiving messages in a short amount of time. This method was developed in the late 1960s and the phrase email was first used in the 1970s. Ray Tomlinson was a man behind this invention who developed @ sign to link username with the servers. This invention changed the world and increased socialization. 

The modern method of sending an email is no different than the 1970s one. The basic methodology is still the same. Many email services are available online and people prefer them as their needs. Most of these services are free and you just have to connect to the internet. In this article, we will discuss Gmail and how to sign in to a Gmail account using a Mobile phone.

You can also login to your ( )Account.

What is Gmail?

Gmail is the web service through which you can send or receive an email at any time. The only requirement is the internet. Gmail is the email service launched by Google and on April 1st, 2004 they started it as testing and ended this testing era on July 7, 2009. According to the Servoy in 2016, there are more than 1 billion active Gmail accounts and they are still increasing and up till now, it may have reached the 2 billion mark. 

Gmail comes with many amazing features and you can also use Gmail in an offline mode where the emails can be stored, read, and downloaded at any time. Google has also released its mobile app to provide comfort to its mobile users.

Key Features of Gmail 

The following are some key features of Gmail, which is a free email web service. 

● Schedule emails

● Notification for each email

● User-friendly interface

● High-security options

● Gmail offline option

● Expiry time settings

And many more amazing features are available both online and offline. Different verification options like phone number verification or verification email etc. All this in one click, only with an internet connection.

How to sign in to Gmail Account using Mobile Phone?

Most of the android phones come with the pre-installed app of Gmail. If you don’t then you can simply install them from the app store or play store. In mobile phones you can easily sign in to your Gmail account using the app or by following the below-listed steps.

  1. Go to the Gmail app or through setting go to Accounts.
  2. After opening the Gmail App, type your email to log in and then click Next. Similarly, if you don’t have a Mobile App then after going to Accounts, add Gmail account and add email and password.
  3. After adding an email and password, set up your phone according to your need, and add some verification methods. 

If you don’t have a Gmail App or you find it difficult then you can see a video tutorial. But you can easily set up your Gmail account on the phone by just entering into the Gmail App or by clicking the settings and then tapping on ADD Accounts.


StreamM4u Reviews – Best Movies Websites

StreamM4u is a well known online streaming website that offers many different movies, web series, dramas, TV shows, and serials. Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos are providing its unlimited features and manage to occupy a top ranking in the list of online streaming websites, but still, StreamM4u has given a tough competition to these websites.

StreamM4u comes in the mid-range competitor and offers its services within range. It gives a guaranteed product and offers TV streaming options. All these features highlight this website on the list of best online streaming websites.

In this article, we will discuss StreamM4u Reviews and some similar websites that offer similar features.

StreamM4u Reviews

StreamM4u the other name of M4uFree is a website that focuses on downloading movies, serials, TV shows, and web series. An online streaming option is also available. This site offers its content in high quality; that is why it requires a strong internet connection for online streaming.

It has a user-friendly interface, and anyone can easily understand a procedure by which you can easily find your desired movie on this site.

As streamM4u is an illegal online streaming website, that is why it is banned in many countries. To access this site, simply download VPN and add it as an extension or download a VPN app from the play store on your mobile devices.

Best Movies Websites

If you are a movie lover and want to know which are similar sites like streamM4u that offer unique content like movies, shows, web series, and serials, then the following list will help you a lot.


  1. Popcornflix
  2. Hulu
  3. SolarMovies
  4. xMovies8 – (
  5. Movies4u
  6. Fmovies
  7. 123MoviesFree – (
  8. Watch Online HD
  9. Putlockers
  10. YesMovies
  11. Azmovie
  12. HD Movie Center
  13.  Tubi TV


All of these websites offer different movies and web series. Tons of Bollywood and Hollywood movies are available on these websites, and download options are also available. Most of the people prefer online streaming, that is why there is a tough competition between online streaming websites.

Is StreamM4u Safe?

StreamM4u is an illegal website, and it is banned in most of the countries. Countries like the USA and India, where tons of movies are released each year, do not allow movie piracy. Due to copyright issues on its content, this site is not available in many countries.

But still, you can have access to this site with a VPN. This makes the situation very easy, and anyone from any country can enjoy the content of streamM4u. This site is illegal, but VPN helps you to change your IP address and allows you to watch your favorite movies and web series for free.